APSCVIR Outreach Programme

The objective of APSCVIR Outreach Programme is to develop outreach programmes for Interventional Radiology (IR) training within the Asia Pacific region where the practice and standard of IR is less developed.


The programmes encompassed the running of workshop, proctorship for hands-on training and also fellowships for suitable young radiologists. Organisational members who have a need and would like to request for participation in the outreach programmes can apply to the Committee. The teaching faculties are to be individual members from APSCVIR. Those interested to volunteer as teaching faculty please join APSCVIR membership and send your interest to secretariat@apscvir.com.

2nd MRS-APSCVIR IR Workshop 2017 - 18th to 20th January Yangon, Myanmar
3rd MRS-APSCVIR IR Workshop 2018 - 16th to 19th January Yangon & Mandalay, Myanmar
4th MRS-APSCVIR IR Worshop 2019 - 15th to 18th January Yangon & Mandalay, Myanmar
5th MRS-APSCVIR IR Workshop 2020 - 14th to 17th January Yangon & Mandalay, Myanmar