Pedal Plantar Loop Technique to Recanlized Tibial Arteries

Authors: Jae-Ik BAE

Clinical History

Non-healing toe wound in the left foot

Figure 1

The anterior posterior tibial arteies had been totally occluded. The reconstituted dorsalis pedis artery is evident. Plantar artery is barely seen

Figure 2

Subintimal crossing of the ATA was attempted but reentry into the dorsalis pedis artery was failed

Figure 3

The PTA was crossed and successfully entered into the lateral plantar artery

Figure 4

A 2mm balloon following .014wire was successfully entered into the DPA through the pedal plantar loop with support of 4F guiding sheath. The guide wire re-entered to the previously formed ATA subintimal path at the ankle level. The entrir path was dilated with the 2mm balloon catheter. Flow through the ATA and PTA restored